"She took time to answer the myriad questions of my students. I was particularly impressed with the thoroughness of her understanding of both the materials she presented and the audience she presented to. A rich and broadening experience from which my children learned a great deal." — McCullough School, DE

"...the attentiveness of the children during your explanations and dancing was the greatest accolade a performer could desire. During the follow-up workshops your rapport with the children was exceptional. The faculty apprecitated your careful and considerate attitude during the children's questions and also our own." — Hammagrael School, NY

"I've been teaching for seventeen years. I have seen many whole-school programs (probably 80-90). Carolyn Kay's performance was one of the most outstanding. She tapped the many senses of the children and brought them closerly in touch with the wonder and beauty of that culture. She has tremendous skills as a dancer and chose dances which were very exciting for the children to watch. Carolyn truly captivated all the children as well as the teachers from the very beginning to the very end of her performance." — Angier School, MA

"I was particularly impressed with the educational quality of your performance and the in-class workshops. They allowed the students the opportunity to explore first hand their immense interest in other cultures. The student and teacher response was both uninhibited and enthusiastic. Our students are still talking about it." — Johnstown School System, NY

From the students:

"You taught me things I never knew before like the people in India eat with their hands, the signs of peace, love, friendship and many other things." — D.G., 4th grade

"The dances were fun and challenging and exciting to learn. The whirling was a really great way to get relaxed." — R.V.H., 6th grade

"The whole concept of the center of energy was very interesting. I was thinking about it the rest of the day." — B.L., 9th grade

"It was awesome!" — L.W. 1st grade