Arts in Education Program – Grades K-12

Multicultural Education Through Dance

Rhythms & Visions of India and the Middle East is a wondrous and absorbing presentation of dynamic dance with spectacular costumes, and intriguing music accompanied by explanation of the dances and their cultural context — plus the vital element of student participation.

The dances include ancient temple dances rich in symbolism, folk dances celebrated with entrancing rhythms, joyful dances spinning tales of village life and the awesome whirling dervish.

Classroom Workshop

The workshop builds on the curiosity and enthusiasm generated by the performance. Responding to students' questions, we discuss the daily life and customs of India and the Middle East. Multicultural education helps students to respect other cultures and their own. The workshop also involves the students in a process of self-discovery, and develops breathing, posture, coordination, alertness, rhythm and grace.